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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Product

So unless you've been hiding out under a rock with no internet or tv access, you've probably seen advertisements for Clear, the new line of shampoos and conditioners that claim we've all been going at hair care the wrong way, and that the most important component to beautiful hair is a nourished scalp.  On their website and in their ads they claim that the "Nutrium 10" in their products "nourishes the scalp, creating the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair" which is supposedly noticeable after only 7 days of use.  Now if you really think about that it doesn't make any sense.  If the goal is to nourish the scalp so that it will in turn begin to produce healthy hair, how will your hair be healthy and have less breakage after only 7 days? Because all the damage already done to your hair is still there, right? 

Well, I did find one or two places that do mention that it nourishes hair (see below, center of image, says "gently cleanses & nourishes scalp and hair"), so maybe it's supposed to be super conditioning or something,?  I'm really not sure, because nothing just comes right out and says anything about how it effects your hair, except to say that it "restores scalp's natural moisture balance to create the right foundation for stronger more beautiful hair." I could just be totally over thinking it, BUT when your brands ONLY defining factor is that you concentrate on the scalp, I think it should be a little more clear as to exactly how that benefits your hair, and exactly how/ why you would see results so quickly! But that's just me ;)  Regardless this product's concentration on nourishing the scalp intrigued me because my scalp tends to be pretty dry and flaky so I have to buy scalp conditioners to use every week or so specifically to moisturize my scalp and it's a pain. So a product that concentrates on the scalp sounds good to me!

The Sample

I did get the samples of the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner from the Clear Facebook page giveaway, as you can see above.  They were actually wonderful sized samples! Similar to the size you would get in a hotel.  There was actually enough for me to use for a week to see if their claims of results in 7 days was true, so that was exciting! The packaging was pretty neat, they came in a cute little box with information and images from their ads on it.
Image Source: Clear Hair Care

The Review

First off, if you are familiar with my blog you know the #1 thing that turns me off of products is if they have that super floral-y/ perfume-y smell... Well, Clear Total Care is walking a thin line when it comes to that. Both the Total Care shampoo and conditioner have a pretty strong floral scent but once your hair is dry it is fairly subtle. However, I would definitely not recommend using these during a migraine (if you are like me and get nauseated with strong smells) or during any other times that your sensitive to smells. 

Honestly the shampoo was pretty normal, with a regular consistency and lather.  The conditioner was more think than most regular conditioners, almost as thick as John Fredia's Root Awakening Conditioner, but I didn't like Clear nearly as much as the Root Awakening line by John Fredia! After 7 days I haven't seen much improvement; my hair is soft (it generally is) but my scalp is VERY dry... even more so than normal, which I thought was odd seeing as Clear's whole image is based on nourishing the scalp. 

So, after seeing my personal results, I wouldn't recommend this particular product for people who, like me, tend to have dry, flaky scalps.  I will say though, that I have been spending a lot of time at the pool the past few weeks and I'm sure that didn't help any either.  I did write Clear and tell them about my experience. I also let them know I would be reviewing this product and asked if I could sample one of their products that's specifically for dry scalps so that I could also review it.  They replied and informed me that they "... have a process in place where (they) forward requests of this type to (their) PR agency for review. If they are interested, they will be in contact with (me) directly." So, I guess we'll see in time how that pans out. 

Have any of you used Clear Total Care? Did you like it or did you have similar results? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!


I got a package in the mail on 6/28/12 (the day after I originally post this).  For information on that check this out!!! It's pretty cool!!!!


  1. I had opposite results with Clear shampoo. I tend to have a very dry scalp and so I used the one for this condition. Not only did it vastly improve my scalp, but it also made the length of my hair soft, shiny, and more manageable! Everyone's hair and scalp is different, however Clear shampoo really did follow through on its promises in my case!

    1. I'm glad you had good results! I actually got to try their other products as well and they worked a lot better for me too, you can check out the link to that review in the update above!

    2. I'm glad you had good results! I actually got to try their other products as well and they worked a lot better for me too, you can check out the link to that review in the update above!

  2. Hiya! Do you somehow check if the content of your website is exclusive in the web and no one is it without your awareness?

  3. I started using Clear shampoo and conditioner for lengths about a week ago. I use it every other day, I love it a whole lot. My hair is smooth and shiny. I would definitely recommend using it.


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