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Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Celebs take off their clothes for Allure... My opinion

I follow Allure on Facebook, I post on their blog, I read their magazine, I like to be up on trends whether I choose to follow them or not... to those of you who know me personally, you know I usually choose "not" because I have my own things going on, but I still like to be in the know. 

Anyway, I got an Allure Beauty e-mail, like I often do, directing me to their website to check out various articles.  I read about the latest nail polish and hair trends and I also saw a like to "The Naked Truth: Five Celebrities Go Nude for Allure," which I thought, for some reason, was going to be one of those make-up free photo-shoots, which I love because I love to see what these famous people actually look like without all the makeup and photoshop! BUT I was mistaken.

It was a nude (i.e. naked) shoot.  Five famous ladies posed for pictures naked, in the name of art and talked about how they prepared for the nude shoot, such as dieting so they would look better and getting spa treatments, being comfortable/ uncomfortable in their skin, if their friends would be shocked by the shoot, etc.
Image Source: Allure

As I'm reading this crap all I'm thinking is "Is this seriously the message that these women (most of whom are in their late 30s or early 40s) want to be sending to the young women who read Allure? That you should just diet and stuff then let people take nude photos of you, as long as they call it art??? No wonder so many high school and college girls think this stuff is okay!"

It seems that everywhere we look these days people are taking their clothes off for money! Then we try to tell our daughters not to, but when they look out into the world all they see is that everyone else does it and nothing bad happens to them... Hell we put them in magazines and glorify it!

Men idolize the girls in Playboy, magazines like Allure do photo-shoots like this one ALL the time and call it "empowering" for women... REALLY? Maybe if the only power you have as a women is your sexuality, which is what girls these days think due to decades of desensitization via the media thanks to the overwhelming surge of propagandizing chauvinistic, women-bashing, classless, crude, drug-riddled, sex-filled, promiscuous, and deviant behaviors that are condone and even made to seem normal via specific media outlets (be it television, radio, magazines, etc.). Yet rarely does anyone ever report of the backlash that doing these things can have, and we sit and wonder why men still run the world... Here's to hoping for a change!

What do you think? Even "tastefully" done, does this send the wrong message to young impressionable girls? Why are "stories" like this really so popular? 


  1. It's insane! I think it makes women feel worse about themselves. You know the shots were photoshopped and airbrushed to make them look perfect. No one looks like that for real! It is no wonder girls can't feel good about their bodies.

    1. Christy, I totally agree! Not only does it give young girls the impression that this type of this is normal and okay, but it does also make them think that they are supposed to look perfect... and that can't be further from the truth. No one looks like that with out help from makeup artists, professional photographers, and photo editors!!!

  2. OMG I am so happy to see there are others who agree with me!! Sending a message to young people that whats REALLY important is how they look with their clothing off? What? WHAT??? How about what is in their hearts? In their heads?? This sort of thinking is where the origins of much deviant behavior are formed! Maybe celebrities are able to make what their naked bodies look like a priority but for most people just getting by day to day as a moral human being is quite a job in itself. I really have no idea how to implement such, but I believe it needs to change right from the beginning, teaching young boys and girls what REALLY is important! What kind of mixed message is this?


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